Lagrangian Model Output at Empa







The COSMO TRAJ trajectory tool is in operational use at Meteoswiss. Trajectories are based on 3D winds of the aLMo (COSMO) model of Meteoswiss. Presently available trajectories are mostly based on the less accurate forecast fields. Trajectories based on analyses are only available for selected periods.

COSMO TRAJ trajectories have been used in the projects SOGE and HALCLIM for source allocation of CFCs and their substitutes.

Source allocation of the substances HFC-134a and HFC-125.


Trajectory data and images are pushed every day by Meteoswiss to the Empa/Eawag ftp server (directory /ftp/incoming) in the form of compressed tar files. These files are then unpacked and further processed (image and data files moved to specific directories; postscript images converted to PNG format for publication on the web) by the scripts /home/brd134/bin/get_traj_lm.csh and /home/brd134/bin/convert_lmtraj.csh.

Trajectories have been calculated operationally since July 2001 for the stations

  • Jungfraujoch
  • Rigi
  • Monte Cimone
and since October 2002 additionally for the stations
  • Chaumont
  • Payerne
  • Mace Head

Images in PNG format have only been generated for Jungfraujoch, Rigi and Mt. Cimone whereas postscript images and the actual trajectory data are available for all stations listed above.

Analysis tools

  • Reading data:
  • Plotting:
  • Reading data: /??/fod_tool/
  • Plotting:


  • Prognostic trajectories: /remote0/daily_trajek/prognstc_traj
  • PNG images for prognostic trajectories: /remote0/daily_trajek/prognstc_gifs
  • Postscript images for prognostic trajectories: /remote0/daily_trajek/prognstc_ps-files
  • Analysis trajectories: /remote0/daily_trajek/analysis_traj
  • GIF images for analysis trajectories: /remote0/daily_trajek/analysis_gifs
  • Trajectory data archive in Manno: Directory /archive/users/osm, user account on require